In Charlie’s words: 

Adele’s has always been in the family and 19 years ago, I became the owner and chef, bringing new updated items to the menus but still keeping the 20 plus years of traditional family menus and recipe items alive. At the same time, I brought my knowledge of wines and built an Award Winning Wine List.

My favorite item on the Café at Adele’s menu is the Pork Belly Benedict and the Southern Fried Chicken Waffle. It’s my twist on a couple of the traditional dishes. But I also love the changing of preps on my daily fresh fish dishes and at the same time being lucky enough to be praised with many accolades, awards and best of’s for all my creations.

What I love about what I do is thinking outside of the box, doing business with and buying the Local Produce and Proteins from my Local Farms, Ranches and the local 4-H. Being able to Prepare all our House-Made Sausages, Pork Belly, Bacon and cured Hams from scratch and continuing to follow the traditions of making stocks and sauces from scratch.

My greatest Professional accomplishment was being nominated for the 2005 top regional chef by the James Beard Foundation and following that up by cooking at the James Beard Foundation in New York City on November 10th 2005. (Note: see video of the event on the www.Adelesrestaurantandlounge.com web page) and also receiving the DiRoNA Award.

My greatest personal accomplishment was marrying Karen Shaffer …46 years…seems like yesterday

My spare time – “what spare time “- Social out – reach programs, feeding the hungry… drinking wine and listening to the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Leonard Cohen & other music… biking & hiking and going to Burning Man.

Totally involved with community groups and organizations involving the young and animals, I am on the board of directors for the Carson City RSVP, Volunteer for the Loving Hearts Club. Back of the house supporter for the Greenhouse Project and Board member of Emeritus from Carson City Community Counseling Service.

To sum it up I am fiercely loyal about developing long term relationships with my suppliers. I believe in social out–reach for those in need.  I have a deep passion for what I do and how I live my life and a strong Love for family. Nothing could be finer than being the “poppie” to my grandchildren and the Love of music …oh yea… I love a GREAT Sunset & Sunrise…. Oh … A FULL moon.