Adele’s Cheesecake with Fresh Fruit

Start with Charlie’s Cheesecake recipe and add your choice of your favorite fresh fruit from the Farmers Market; makes a great summer dessert.

Adele's Cheesecake with Fresh Fruit

Course: Dessert   Cuisine:    Prep Time: 20 min.   Cook Time:    Servings: 6 to 8



3/4 C. (12 T.) Butter

1/2 C. Cane sugar

1 1/8 C. Flour

2 egg yolks


2 8-ounce packages cream cheese

1 1/2 C. Sugar

1 T. Vanilla

3 Eggs


For Crust:

Place butter, sugar and flour into food processor and blend. Add egg yolks and gently pulse into mixture. Divide dough in 1/2. Press 1/2 of dough crust into the bottom of a parchment paper-lined round pan. Bake until light brown. Allow to cool and using remaining half of dough, line the sides of the pan and clean the edge for a finished look. Set aside while mixing Base fill.

For Base:

Blend all ingredients and pour into pan with baked bottom and raw-sided crust. Place cheesecake pan into larger pan, filled with approximately 1/2-inch water. Bake in water bath at 350 degrees until done.