Charlie’s Tarragon Butter Yogurt Sauce for Your Choice of Fish

Tarragon Butter Yogurt Sauce

Course: Brunch or Entree   Cuisine: A Unique Charlie Special    Prep Time: 20 Minutes   Cook Time: see directions   Servings:


1 1/2 T. Butter

1/4 C. Shallots,n finely chopped

1 T. dried tarragon

1 T. Dijon mustard

1 T. white wine vinegar

2 T. dry white wine

1/3 C. goat yogurt

1/3 C. Rice flour

Salt and pepper to taste, if desired

1/2 pound butter, cut into 12 pieces; coat each piece on all sides with rice flour.


Charlie’s Tarragon Butter Yogurt Sauce is still a wonderful sauce that works well with salmon, halibut or rock cod. Wild salmon season is opening as scheduled, and wild halibut is also in season.

Heat 1 tablespoon butter in saucepan and add shallots. Cook briefly, stirring until translucent. Then add the vinegar and wine. Cook over low heat until reduced by half.

Then, add the yogurt, tarragon, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper and continue cooking, stirring often. Bring to a light boil and start adding butter a few pieces at a time, stirring rapidly with a wire whisk until sauce and butter are completely merged to a cream, silky finish.

Remove from heat and pour over fish of your choice.


Note: Chef Charlie Abowd is the former owner of Cafe at Adele’s and current owner of Charlie @ Your Table. He can be reached at 775-671-5948 or email charlieabowd@yahoo.com.